Agricura - Gonnosfanadiga

by Andrea Ghiani

Sustainable agriculture, focused on biodiversity protection and enhancement. Our products are the result of the experience, culture and tradition of the territory.Our goals are the dissemination of environmental sensitivity and awareness and the care of the social and cultural aspect of agriculture as a primary resource and aggregation of the territories.

Agricura was founded in 2014 by Sara and Andrea who put together their previous professional experiences, both agricultural and non-agricultural, and their passion for ecosystems, the environment and culture.Enhancing biodiversity, living in nature, respecting it and taking care of it in exchange of its fruits and making it appreciated by as wide an audience as possible, in particular to those who, due to personal needs, birth or choice, no longer live, sometimes for generations, in contact with the earth and often ignore its most elementary needs. Taking care of the common garden and sharing its fruits is our greatest satisfaction and achievement.

We joined the "WarFree - Lìberu dae sa gherra" network because we share the values ​​of the network.