Agriturismo Tupei - Calasetta

Michele Ricci's farm

The company was born in 1989 from the passion for agriculture and animals. The land was purchased by us and the intent was to live in a situation of tranquility, in harmony with nature. We wanted to be able to transmit these basic principles to others. In collaboration with the “centro sperimentazione autosviluppo”, we have discovered biodiversity for the cultivation of evolutionary grains and since 2015 we have been cultivating black lentils, a legume we care a lot about because it was rediscovered and enhanced when it was about to die out. In ancient times it was cultivated by the poorest families of the country and it comes from the Tunisian island of Tabarca. We believe it is a very resilient legume and that it gives the possibility to create a circular economy.

Cultivation of wheat, legumes, olive trees, goat breeding bees, chickens, horses, bed and breakfast, educational farm.

We joined the Warfree Network because we believe it is very important to educate people to respect nature and animals, to recognize the beauty around us and to be aware of the impact of
gratuitous violence especially on young people.