Charter of Values


1. Reject of war

They adopt choices and practices aimed to avoid any involvement with organizations that promote and finance arms production, arms trade and armed conflicts at any level. Furthermore they put efforts to carefully evaluate the production processes of raw materials so they can reasonably exclude any connection and complicity with wars.

2. Respect for labour

They are committed to respect workers' rights within and outside the workplace, focusing on justice, equity and transparency. They promote healthy human relations of any type and level with customers, suppliers and public administration.

3. Respect for the environment

They consider the environmental health to be essential to preserve and promote human well-being. They seek to produce and trade in a sustainable way in order to guarantee the healthiness and the quality of their products and services, but also to spread a positive and forward-looking attitude that could be inspirational for the entire world.

4. Awareness

They work for general and business improvement to achieve a global benefit. They promote collective exchange and training opportunities, they undertake to carry out a continuous internal management self-analysis, in order to make their production and marketing processes increasingly transparent and sustainable.

5. Development

Inspired by the principles of Fair Trade, they pursue the qualitative and dimensional growth of the company and the network's profitability and operations. They also focus on the integral wellness of their workers, customers, and the economic system to which they are part of.

6. Progress

They aim at constant social, scientific and technological progress through the continuous search for innovative tools and resources, in order to increasingly realize ethical and ecological values.

7. Products

They want to ensure their products and services immediately reflect the core values underlying their commitment, therefore they monitor and reduce the environmental impact of their business processes in terms of sustainable raw material sources, water use, waste and packaging.

8. Quality

They regularly pursue the highest quality, from the beginning to the end of each business process. They give priority to local products especially to those that most express their traditional values, even in an innovative way, in order to promote a new local economy starting from the specific vocation of the region.

9. Solidarity

The Network promotes the contribution of each shareholder to the community through the exchange of services and products, mutual trust and mutual help. Each member undertakes to support the activities of the other members of the WarFree Network by favoring and encouraging the use of raw materials produced by the members themselves and by sharing skills, resources and relationships.