DomusAPI - Via G. Di Vittorio, 38 - Domusnovas

Our Farm is specialized in beekeeping, transformation and production of honey and derivatives and in the artisanal packaging of our products.

by Alessandro Lai and Ilaria Pisu

Alessandro started breeding his first bees in 2006. The love and passion for bees turned into a stable job in 2015 when the Domusapi farm was formally born. As time passes , after several courses, the continuous updates and a great experience in the field, the company has increased the number of hives by sharing the passion with the family and since 2018 also Ilaria, Alessandro's wife, chemist and nature lover, contributes to the growth of the company.

We immediately joined the Warfree network because we share its values and goals and we strongly believe in an ethical and sustainable development of agriculture and in an ethical marketing of products.