In Our Garden - Quartu Sant'Elena

by Ramona Bavassano

In Our Garden is a multifunctional agricultural company that operates as a regenerative ecosystem of relationships between people and the territory by offering transformed natural products and experiential tourism along with hospitality and catering. It is a 55-hectare Regenerative Park above the coast of Capitana in Quartu S. Elena, which design is based on Permaculture principles, the ecological methodology that applies three ethics: Personal Care, Earth Care and Equitable Distribution of Surplus. We offer the opportunity to participate to different activities such as environmental education events, small market fairs, workshops and food tasting, where people can enjoying the environment and learn the secrets of the natural cuisine and the sardinian traditions; we also offer the possibility to become co-creators and temporary cultural inhabitants, and we encourage socialization and cooperation with other producers of goods and service providers in the fields of art, crafts, culture, holistic well-being, personal development and community. We produce fruit and vegetable preserves, natural products with nutraceutical properties, natural cosmetics, herbal teas and essential oils made with spontaneous medicinal herbs, traditional Sardinian wheat, sweets, wine, oil, citrus fruits. We use renewable sources based on the philosophy of transforming waste into compost creating added value in a Blue Economy perspective. In Our Garden is a candidate to be a living lab of innovation and empirical research for the implementation of the 17 Agenda 2030 Goals and to actively collaborate in the search for bottom-up solutions for adaptation to climate change, the creation of antifragile ecosystems and full development of both the human being and the society.

In Our Garden was bravely born at the end of 2020 and it still faces administrative, bureaucratic and financial difficulties, but it does so with unwavering optimism and determination.

We joined the "WarFree - Lìberu dae sa gherra" network because we fully share the project values that we were starting to develop ourselves by creating networks with other aware realities.