Ninetta Rizzo creazioni - Iglesias

Production of ceramic items

My story is simple:

I have always liked art in all its forms, before meeting clay, I have always painted and drawn, on cardboard, on canvas, on glass, taking my first steps, with the memories of the precious teachings of my middle school teacher, Laudadio.

In the course of my life, when I could, I have always studied various self-taught techniques.When I met clay, it was love at first sight!I learned to make some pieces, to engrave them and to decorate them.

Through specific courses, I have improved the quality, aesthetics and functionality of my artifacts and my curiosity pushes me to study, research and experiment even more.

Today my products are known throughout most of Sardinia, and are distinguished by the decor of Sardinian ballet, a tribute to the land that has welcomed me since I was born.

Someone sees a circle of children in it, a meaning of joy, of unity among peoples. When I created it, I wanted to represent the Sardinian round ballet which identifies our territory, also known outside the island; but I don't mind that other positive meanings like those listed above are given to it.

My production ranges from toponymy tiles, to tableware and home furnishings, with an eye on the traditions and customs of Iglesias.