Sa Laurera Villanovaforru

Eco-sustainable farm
Sa Laurera produces Ancient Sardinian Grains, Legumes and Vegetables in dry farming through crop rotation, respecting the soil and the ecosystem.
The products obtained are then transformed, packaged and sold directly by the company.

Sa Laurera was officially born on April 28, 2013 from the idea of Marianna Virdis (owner) and her husband Francesco Mascia, whose goal was to create an eco-sustainable rural reality with all those traditional values of agricultural management and skills that were going to be lost, trying in their own way to repair that ring of knowledge that had been broken between the old and new generations. Along with these goals there is a strong desire to maintain an ecologically compatible dimension, suitable for man, nature and territory.
We joined the Warfree project because we like the idea of a brand that identifies virtuous companies with common values and a similar productive ethic that identifies itself with environmental sustainability and respect for nature, the human being and the health of the whole. ecosystem.