The project “Peace Conversion – Sardinia” and the brand “Warfree – Liberu de sa gherra” have been made by a group of young graduates and undergraduates of the University of Cagliari coordinated by:

  • RWM Re-conversion Committee

  • Evangelical Church of Baden (Germany)

  • Globalization and environment board of the Federation of Evangelical Church in Italy

along with the support of professionist, University Professors and other peace organizations.


In the first phase the project was financially supported by the Evangelical Church of Baden and in 2021 received a financing by:

  • fund eight per thousand of Waldensian Church

In this second phase is supported by:

  • A.P.S. Link – Legami di fraternità

  • RWM Re-conversion Committee

  • Globalization and Environment Board of the Federation of Evangelical Church in Italy

  • Scientific Committee composed of some professors from the Faculty of Economic, Legal and Political Sciences, of the University of Cagliari

  • Members of Banca Etica Sud Sardegna


  • The main goal of the project consists in proposing a civil, sustainable and new type of economy, free from war and able to offer a dignified job for our territory; a project that offers opportunities of growth and tools of promotion to the existing companies and, at the same time, promotes the creation of new activities based on an economic, ethical and environmental sustainability.

  • Furthermore, it aims to enhance the territory of Sardinia as a place of peace, and not only a place where armaments are produced.

  • A third goal wants to offer to the local politics and the public opinion a sign of positive economy to testify that alternative ways to the arms industry are possible.


  • to stimulate the creation of new sustainable jobs within existing and newly created companies, through a network of support and development consulting;

  • to generate value through the promotion of ethical-sustainable Sardinian products on the global market, and with a new ethical-environmental certified Brand and an e-commerce site;

  • to promote solidarity and cooperation among all the companies of the network, in order to improve variety and quality.

  • to become an intermediate between the world of sustainable production of goods and services and the territory, consumers, institutions and the global market.

  • to promote a new economic culture that place the human being and his basic needs at the center, rather than capital and profit.